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creative aid by jade

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creative aid by jade provides copywriting and content marketing assistance to help artists like you reach your ideal audience and make your desired impact. we ensure that your work is seen and your message is heard by those who need it most. we are especially dedicated to supporting and empowering BIPOC, women, non-binary and LGBTQ+ artists and creative business owners.

jade has helped numerous artists and creative businesses to increase their traffic,  reach and sales + foster genuine audience engagement +  inspire change in their communities. as an artist herself, jade understands your connection to your work. that's why she promises to offer you genuine support while taking care of the tedious writing and content marketing tasks that take you away from it.

some of jade's satisfied clients and collaborators have included: handmade jewelry brands, experimental theatre companiesindependent zines, community arts programs, international film festival organizers, and now YOU.

she is excited to aid you in your journey towards greater heights in art and business 

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